06024 Gubbio PG, Italia

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2.600.000€ trattabili

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CASTLE FILIPPI or Villa Filippi

In this beautiful Umbria, this important historic castle is located.

The structure has been recently renovated and restored to be used as accommodation.

The completely sunny and dominant position of the Euganean valley has always exalted its historical and agricultural importance.

The building is completely surrounded by land owned in part still cultivated with vineyards, to testify of its importance also for agricultural purposes, it is witnessed by the beautiful perfectly restored beam presses showing the date of 1819 period of its construction.

The castle is also bordered by perimeter walls that include the structure, a beautiful park on the side of the main entrance and another one of the square where the construction of a large infinity pool is under way and where there is a small dependance also this perfectly restored.

In part the walls and ceilings are frescoed and above the sumptuous main staircase there is a fresco dating back to the Medici family of Florence.

The castle has two side turrets to the side where the main entrance is, from the door you enter a large internal courtyard and from which you reach the second courtyard on the opposite side.

In the courtyard there are several rooms, in the past certainly stalls and premises used for agricultural purposes.

In the basement completely in stone with exposed vaults were the cellars and there are still several tunnels dug directly into the stone, here is the press.

Starting from this floor where it was planned the construction of a spa and a receptive area with bar space.

The ground floor various rooms to be used for catering and pubs.

First floor Kitchen, rooms, suites, services, etc.

On the second floor rooms with bathroom suite cc

On the third floor various rooms.


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