Medieval Village

Medieval Village

Medieval Village

Via Fucci, 06012 Città di Castello PG, Italia

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2600 mq


Biological Farm, consisting of about 230 hectares of land for 40 hectares of arable land, 146 hectares of woodland, 2 hectares of olive groves, 15 hectares of chestnut trees, about 3 hectares of vineyards and 2 of orchards, the remaining part being grazed. The company produces strictly biological wine, oil and honey, manufactured for about 2600 sqm.

The top of the farm is the beautiful village situated on a hill with a splendid view, within a fenced park of about 10 hectares at about 450 meters above sea level.

The building complex, in part is intended as an accommodation facility Agritourism, already has 7 units and the total area of ​​about is 860 sqm. masterfully restored and furnished with care. The remaining part of the village has been finished externally and structurally consolidated up to the raw state and measures about 850 sqm, while the noble villa adjacent to the village of 890 sqm is in fair structural conditions but needs to be restructured.

Inside the village there are also the oil mill and the cellars where wine and oil from the farm are currently produced and preserved,;in the park not far from the village there is a beautiful swimming pool (14 × 7).

As far as electricity supply is concerned, a 70 Kw photovoltaic system is located in the parking area.

Services and utilities

The plumbing inside the property is fed with water from the well, there are ponds (one of which is used for the purification of waste water) and natural sources for irrigation.

The heating system is electric according to law, in the property there is a photovoltaic system of 70 kw.


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